atom - Easily installed vehicle tracking

Portable and easily transferred from vehicle to vehicle, the Kinesis atom is easily installed and requires no technical knowledge. Simply attach to your battery terminals in minutes and you are ready to go.
All plans include
  • Kinesis atom tracker device
  • Set-up and activation
  • Cancel anytime
  • Device warranty
  • Simple, easy to use web platform
  • Self-install within minutes
  • Live vehicle location
  • Journey history
  • Monitor driver speed

12 month
1 x atom vehicle tracking
(inc. GST)

How does it work?

We called it the atom because it’s tiny, nimble and versatile.

  1. You can download the app or use your browser. Wire the atom device to your vehicle battery and then link the app to it.

  2. Your data is highly secure. It is transmitted by satellite and stored in our secure cloud servers. Download anything you want to keep locally.

  3. Your atom is under guarantee the whole time you subscribe to our service.

The atom sends power loss alerts from the car battery, so you know immediately if it has been disconnected from the vehicle which helps to ensure you’re always getting the insight that you need.

What do I get?

Whether you have one vehicle or a fleet, the atom is already installed in a wide variety of vehicles nationwide.

  • See where your vehicle is right now, on a map

  • Download driver timesheets and see them building up in real time

  • See each time a vehicle breaks the speed limit

  • Draw any area on a map and get alerts if the vehicle goes outside it

  • Get ratings to show if a driver is abusing your vehicle, leading to costly repairs

  • Driver safety scores warn you if a driver is careless and more likely to have a collision

A company you can depend on

Atom is supplied by Radius Telematics, which is part of Radius Payment Solutions, a $4.5 billion company that operates worldwide. Radius is ranked in the Sunday Times Top Track 100 list of Britain’s most successful privately-owned companies.

Radius provides services and products for businesses in 30 countries. As well as telematics, Radius sells fuel cards, insurance, telecoms and electric vehicle charge points.